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CPC Data Logger


Software to program the CPC (available for Windows et Android)

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CPC data logger for cathodic protection

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Synoptique CPC
Synoptique CPC

Synoptic of connection for CPC data logger

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The CPC is a cathodic protection data logger

The CPC was developed by ADCA with and for cathodic protection professionals in order to be able to view and record all the necessary measurements for the profession without the need for third-party equipment.

Thanks to its IHPC software (available on Windows and Android), the user can view the measured values in ​​live. He can then for example regulate a drainage or measured two pipes simultaneously (third pipe) with only one CPC.

Powerful, small and waterproof (IP67), the CPC can be use in a gate valves boxe or measurement cases for long-term recordings without risk of deterioration.



  • One device to perform 9 simultaneous measurements

  • Integration of OFF potential

  • Programmable from a smartphone, tablet or PC (Android or Windows)

  • Easy to use

  • Great autonomy

  • Large storage capacity (micro SDcard)

  • Can be put in gate valves boxes or measurement cases

  • Only one device to send in calibration

Technical specifications

Only one CPC performs all the most common measurements in cathodic protection.


A CPC has 6 inputs allowing 9 simultaneous measurements!

6 Inputs:

  • Electrode

  • Pipe

  • CP coupon

  • Auxiliary (this allows for a measurement of potentiel with respect to the electrode: rail/ground, third pipe,...)

  • An isolated input (± 100mV) to measure current independently of other inputs

  • An isolated input (± 100V) to measure voltage independently of other inputs

Connections: USB and Bluetooth.

Recording capacity: about 160 records of 24 hours on all channels, 0,5s sampling rate (SD card 2Go).

Battery time: 3 to 35 days depending on use.

Power supply: Double battery 4400mAh 3.7V charged with power supply 230V or 12V (car charger).

Protection class: IP67.

Dimension: 215 x 108 x 55 mm.

Net weight: 600 gr.


CPC requires the use of two programs to exploit all its features.

  • New!  IHPC Lite (simplified version for Android)

     This software allows you to start a record on the CPC.

      It also allows you to view live measurements made.

        -> Download IHPC Lite (free)

  • IHPC (full version for Windows)

      This software is used to program record on the CPC.

      It allows you to view live measurements made.

      In addition, a dedicated interface makes it possible to obtain a graph in real time.


  • Exploitation graphique (for Windows)     

      This software makes it possible to exploit all the data recorded by the CPC.

       -> Download Exploitation graphique (free)

Exploitation graphique (Windows)
Exploitation graphique (Windows)

Processing interface

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IHPC (Windows)
IHPC (Windows)

User interface

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IHPC (Windows)
IHPC (Windows)

Instant graph

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Additional item(s)

Robust tablet
Robust tablet

Robust tablet with IHPC and Exploitation Graphique software

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Robust tablet and dock
Robust tablet and dock

Robust tablet with its dock

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Robust tablet with IHPC software

To meet the needs of our customers, we propose a robuste tablet equipped with IHPC and Exploitation Graphique software. This tablet has been studied for use in the field.

It is robust and has a high brightness touch screen allow easy use outdoors.

In addition to the Bluetooth connection, this tablet is equipped with a GPS and an integrated camera. GPS data and pictures are therefore directly associated with the CPC measurement file.

Finally, this tablet comes with a carrying case and a dock for recharging the device while connecting USB and / or network through its Ethernet port.

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CPC data logger

Pack PC Data Logger (2 CPC + 1 tablet)


IHPC software (Windows)

3 years update for IHPC software

Additional items

Robust tablet with IHPC software



Certificate of calibration CPC